Local delights in the breakfast buffet – the best start to the day.

Steffisalp breakfast

Gourmet breakfast with local products

The Steffisalp Hotel**** breakfast buffet features selected local delicacies and typical Vorarlberg specialties. For early birds and sleepy heads: Our extensive breakfast buffet with local specialties from nearby farms and small suppliers is a true gourmet delight.

Our suppliers

Here in the Arlberg region, we are very lucky to have access to excellent suppliers close by in Vorarlberg and in the Lechtal region of Tyrol. Almost all of the treats set out for you to enjoy each morning in our fresh local breakfast buffet are sourced from our small-scale local suppliers.

Käserei Sojer, Steeg

The Käserei Sojer is located at the center of the small mountain village of Steeg. Here, the Sojer family take milk from ten local dairy farms and produce traditional, hand-made specialty cheeses.

Pfefferkorn Family, Steeg

The Pfefferkorn family’s goats live a wonderful life: In summer, they head to the Alps for some fresh air, and in winter, they stay cozy in a warm stall. That’s why they produce milk that is particularly mild, which the Pfefferkorn family then uses to make their delicious specialty goat’s cheeses.

Christahof, Bezau

The six hectares of land at Christahof in Bezau are home to some cows and a lot of chickens. The chickens live the way they are supposed to: free to roam all year round with a cozy stall, plenty of space to scratch around and lots of peace and quiet to lay their eggs.

Bäckerei Walch, Warth

Fresh and steaming from the oven – the best start to the day. At Bäckerei Walch in Warth, they make rustic whole-grain bread, golden-brown buns and crusty rolls, just like they used to when grandfather Vinzenz Walch first opened the bakery.

Wälder-Metzger, Warth

At Alois Feuerstein’s family-run butcher’s shop, they take meat from the local farms or from their own livestock and make local specialty hams and bacon: air-dried and smoked with mild, aromatic spices. A true delight!

Martin Kohler, Au

On the farm belonging to Martin and Franz Kohler in Au-Schoppernau in the Bregenz Forest, the majority of the milk they produce is processed on site into the best yogurt and curd cheese you can imagine. It’s an absolute must for our local breakfast buffet.

Urlaub in Vorarlberg im 4 Sterne Hotel Steffisalp Warth Arlberg

Ein Genuss! Regionale Schinken- und Speckspezialitäten: luftgetrocknet und mild-würzig geräuchert.

Käsespezialitäten in traditioneller Handarbeit hergestellt.

Frisches Joghurt und allerfeinster Topfen darf auf unserem regionalen Frühstücksbuffet natürlich nicht fehlen.

und typischen Vorarlberger Spezialitäten aus.

Unser Frühstücksbuffet zeichnet sich durch seine ausgewählten regionalen Köstlichkeiten

Ofenfrisch und duftend – so fängt der Tag gut an.

Joghurt und Topfen vom Bauernhof Kohler in Au.

Auf dem Christahof in Bezau leben auf sechs Hektar jede Menge Hühner.

Die Kühe von Arthur Weissenbach geben das ganze Jahr über frische Milch für Ihren Frühstückskaffee.

Frischer Schinken und Speck von der Wälder-Metzgerei in Warth.

Köstliche Ziegenkäse-Spezialitäten von der Familie Pfefferkorn in Steeg.

Unser reichhaltiges Frühstücksbuffet mit regionalen Spezialitäten ist ein wahrer Gaumenschmaus.

Bergkäse von der Käserei Sojer in Steeg.

Ofenfrisches Brot von der Bäckerei Walch.

Breakfast flyer

Here, you can download our flyer detailing the lovingly and locally produced Vorarlberg specialties you can enjoy for breakfast on an active vacation at the Sporthotel Steffisalp.