In October 2017, the Körbersee was named the most beautiful place in Austria. Discover the unforgettable possibilities for unique natural experiences in the mild mountain summer.

The area around the Körbersee was settled as early as during the Bronze Age, around 1600 to 1300 BC. Over the past 200 years, the Alpine pastures have only been tended for a few months during summer. The small Hotel am See offers a cozy place to make a pit stop, but other than that, the natural landscape up here is almost untouched. That has done the region good. As such, the Körbersee measuring 3.5 hectares is hidden in a wide recess at an altitude of 1,654 meters like a little jewel at the midst of the Lechquellengebirge mountain range and with a view of the Braunarl as the tallest mountain in the Bregenz Forest and the imposing Widderstein.

Let your gaze wander over the gently sloped, vibrant green meadows that frame the gritty path and over the Alpine cattle grazing peacefully. On the opposite side, the Juppenspitze sits at an altitude of 2,412 meters. Its distinct silhouette and rocky edges are mirrored in the clear water.

Mountain pasture experiences

From the Hotel Steffisalp****, you can reach the Körbersee on a hike lasting approximately two hours. From the Steffisalp Express top station, you can continue towards Hochalphütte, and from there, you can go on towards the Hochalpsee. The path to the Körbersee takes you over the Salobersattel. On your way back towards Warth, you can take the old Salzstraße. On the leisurely hike lasting approximately two hours, half of the route will be spent passing the tranquil Kalbelesee. This is another great place to make a pit stop.

Tip: if you are exhausted by this point, you can finish the rest of the route on the hiking bus.

Guided hikes around Warth-Schröcken

However, this is only one of the countless mountain experiences that can make a vacation in Warth-Schröcken into a highly personal, and above all, unforgettable experience. The wide range of hikes and mountain tours in all difficulty levels invite you to explore the beautiful mountain landscape around the Tannberg, either alone or with an experienced local guide.