Our prevention and hygiene measures

Our dual prevention concept

The health of our guests and our employees is very important to us. To take responsibility during the particular current circumstances, we have created a comprehensive prevention concept so that the risk of a Covid-19 infection can be kept as low as possible. The basis is formed by well-known and legally binding steps such as wearing mouth and nose protection or complying with them the minimum distance, which is used throughout the establishment by guests as well as employees and must be followed.

In-house prevention and hygiene measures

With stands, signs, stands, floor markings and other tools we ensure the necessary flow of information and advice about the compulsory hygiene measures for our guests. We use ushers in our catering areas to ensure that the required minimum distance is maintained. The cleaning and disinfection frequencies have been increased throughout the company, and precautions have been taken for narrow spaces in the company (e.g. corridors, elevators, entrances/exits, sanitary facilities). Sufficient disinfection stations have been set up in our company and glass panes have been attached as protective devices for spatial separation in different areas.