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History of Hotel Steffisalp

The History of the Skilifte Warth am Arlberg and the Steffisalp Hotel

The charming Walser village of Warth am Arlberg has a long skiing tradition. Priest Johann Müller from Warth was the first to explore the Tannberg on skis in 1894.

In the 1920s, skiing pioneers established the Warth ski club and the Warth ski school. Until the early 1960s, the mountain farms in the Arlberg region were places where people eked out tough lives that were full of privations. The advent of hotels and tourism in the Arlberg – both of which were unheard of until then – were the opportunity to improve the economic fortunes of Warth and to secure its future.

Ski tourism at the Arlberg in its beginning
Skiing History in Warth am Arlberg

Investors and the pioneers of the skiing region from Warth, Lech and the Rheintal

Numerous investors from the Rheintal, Vorarlberg, from Warth and Lech, and from the circle of German visitors to the area believed in Warth and in its potential as a place for winter sports. On 1st June 1963, they founded the Skilifte Warth Strolz KG. The construction of a chair lift at the Steffisalp in 1963 proved to be a turning point in the history of the village. With their pioneering spirit, their courage and their confidence, they created and then developed the basis for tourism in Warth am Arlberg.

50 years of the Warth am Arlberg ski lifts

The courage of the investors bore its first fruit in the 1970s. The area served by the Skilifte Warth becomes the third biggest skiing region in Vorarlberg. The success of Wiltrud Drexel and the Austrian teams at the Olympic games further raises the profile of Warth. 1979 Construction of the high Alpine station. The skiing region grows significantly in size. 1977 Founding of the "Skitreff Hochtannberg" tariff and marketing association.

Decision to construct the Jägeralpbahn ski lift, 1979 – the Skilifte Warth now operates 8 ski lifts and the link with Schröcken. The 1980s see more and more visitors eager to participate in winter sports: Construction of the Wartherhorn cable ski lift and the Steffisalp guest house. In 1989, Warth becomes the most popular district for overnight stays in the Bregenzerwald region. Further investments are made in the destination in the 1990s. Over the course of four years, three new ski lifts are constructed: one ski pass covers 36 skiing areas in one of the most reliable winter sports regions for snow in Europe. Today, 50 years later, what was once a single ski lift is now a company that employs more than 200 people each winter season. 

10 years of the Steffisalp Sport Hotel in Warth am Arlberg

In 2005, another milestone was crossed. The Skilifte Warth cable car company invests in an innovative hotel concept for the first time – the Steffisalp Sport Hotel. Operated previously as a gastronomic business, a first class, four star hotel in a modern, Alpine lifestyle is now on offer – right on the ski piste: the previous gastronomic offer is extended with 56 rooms and suites, the Steffis wellness SPA, beauty & massages with a vitality pool and a sauna facility, and a cosy fireplace bar with a superb offer. The four star hotel offers relaxed and friendly holiday comfort right on the ski piste. Modern Alpine ambience, relaxed lifestyle and welcoming hospitality.

Follow us on a tour of our most important historic milestones:

  • It was the Warth priest Johann Müller who put down the foundation stone for skiing in 1894, and is the first to explore the region on skis.
  • In the 1920s, the first visitors discovered Warth as a holiday location. Skiing pioneers established ski club and ski schools and constructed the first ski lifts.
  • Over the generations, several high profile skiers have come from Warth, particularly the Olympic medallists Hubert Strolz and Wiltrud Drexel.
  • The 1960s – the founding of "Skilifte Warth" and a big opportunity for tourism.
  • The 1970s – four lifts are built which connect the skiing region with the Salober.
  • 1975 - the Skilifte Warth buys the Lechtalblick guest house, now the location of the Steffisalp Sport Hotel.
  • The 1980s – more and more skiers are enthused by the skiing region which is most reliable for snow in Europe – Warth-Schröcken.
  • The 1990s – numerous investment projects are completed, including three new cable cars.
  • The 2000s – Warth-Schröcken is one of the most modern skiing regions in Europe.
  • 2005 – construction of the Steffisalp Sport Hotel
  • 2013 – the Warth-Schröcken and Lech-Zürs skiing regions are connected
  • The future – there are many ideas and potential projects which are awaiting the courage and pioneering spirit required for their realisation.

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