Pure relaxation: leisure hikes on the Arlberg. Escape your hectic everyday life and take some time for pleasure. Better still when Warth is the perfect starting point for exactly that.

Relaxing in the Vorarlberg mountains

What’s hiding beneath the masses of snow? You got it: pure relaxation! A summer in the mountain means peace and quiet. Hiking is certainly the easiest, if not the most fun way to be active outdoors. With a good pair of hiking boots in your luggage, you can escape the daily grind and take some time to enjoy yourself. We are happy to let you in on a few of our favorite leisure hikes, but only if you can keep a secret.

The mountains we recommend for leisure hikes are:

  • Wartherhorn
  • Braunarlspitz
  • Mohnenfluh
  • Schafberg
  • Widderstein

Family hikes in Warth-Schröcken

It’s even better if you can get the whole family involved. Leisure hikes in Vorarlberg with young and old. It doesn’t get any better than this! With the help of the interactive hiking map, you can get an initial overview of the trails and start studying them virtually. The local mountain and hiking guides know all of the most spectacular spots.

Being on the go in the mountains doesn’t have to mean fighting your way up steep hiking trails and dragging exhausted children in tow. With the Warth Inclusive Card, which is free for guests at the Hotel Steffisalp**** staying one or more nights, you can use the local and hiking buses from Hochkrumbach to the Spullersee and Formarinsee for free (excluding: tolls on the toll roads!) and, for example, skip the first steep ascent with the Steffisalp Express summer cable car. This way, So you can enjoy the summer sunshine in peace and discover the fauna and flora at the foot of the mountains with your children.

Family hikes and leisure hikes to the Hochtannberg in Vorarlberg are a must on your vacation to Warth-Schröcken! Enjoy the mountain summer stress-free and explore the natural beauty.

The Vorarlberg mountains offer relaxation and action for visitors of all ages. What more could you want?


Sunrise tour: experience the mountain landscape in the morning light

Seeing the mountain peaks in the fresh morning light is a wonder that you will have to wake up early for. Sunrise is its most beautiful where there is no noise or distractions to disturb your experience. You become a part of a moment in which the world seems to take pause for breath. On your summer vacation to Vorarlberg, you can experience the sunrise from a unique perspective. Standing on the summit with only the sky and the mountains before you, you will slowly see the sun start to rise. With your Inclusive Card, you can also enjoy the sunrise tour experience free of charge.

Den Rest des Tages können Sie Ihren Lieblingsaktivitäten nachgehen oder einfach entspannen. Ob beim hiking, climbing, playing golf or swimming under the clear summer skies, the Vorarlberg Alps have everything you want – all you have to do is choose.