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Regional gourmet breakfast

Enjoy select regional delicacies and typical Vorarlberg specialities sourced from small, local farms and suppliers. For late and early risers alike, our generous breakfast buffet with its regional specialities from local farms and small-scale producers is an exquisite treat

Meet our suppliers in person

Here in the Arlberg region, we are lucky to be situated so close to so many good things in both Vorarlberg and the Tyrolen Lechtal valley. Nearly all the fresh delicacies you can enjoy every morning at our regional breakfast buffet are sourced from one of our small, local suppliers. Meet our suppliers in person and look forward to our very special regional treats!

Dairy farmer Arthur Weissenbach
Regional supplier for Milk, Arthur Weissenbach


Arthur Weissenbach, Warth
During the summer months, Arthur Weissenbach cultivates the Alpine meadows and mountain pastures around Warth. In the wintertime, he and his snow-grooming machine keep our ski slopes in top condition. And his herd of approximately 10 cows? They provide fresh milk for your breakfast coffee every day, all year round.

Cheese wheel from the cheese dairy Sojer
Cheese dairy Sojer


Sojer cheese dairy, Steeg
The Sojer cheese dairy is located right in the heart of the little mountain village of Steeg. Here, the Sojer family uses milk from Alpine-pastured cows, sourced from ten surrounding mountain farms to produce their traditional hand-crafted cheese specialities.

Pfefferkorn with goat
Regional supplier of goat's milk cheese, the Pfefferkorn family

Goat’s milk cheese

The Pfefferkorn family, Steeg
It's a wonderful life for the Pfefferkorn goats; they spend their summers up in the Alps, and the winter months in a warm cozy barn. In return, they produce especially mild-flavoured milk, which the Pfefferkorn family uses to make their delicious goat’s cheese specialities.

Christahof, Bezau
Eggs from Christahof in Bezau


Christahof, Bezau
The six hectares of land belonging to the Christahof farm in Bezau are home to several cows and plenty of chickens. And this is how a chicken’s life should be; the wide outdoors to run about in all year round, and a comfortable barn with plenty of space to scratch around and lay their eggs in peace.

Baker whith bread
Fresh bread from the Walch bakery


Walch bakery, Warth
Fragrant and freshly baked - the perfect start to your day. Rustic wholemeal bread, golden Semmel and crisp rolls are baked in the Walch bakery in just the same way as in the days of its founder, Grandfather Vinzenz Walch.

Wälder bucher from Warth
Wälder butcher, our meat supplier

Ham & bacon

Wälder butcher’s shop, Warth
In Alois Feurstein's family-run business, meat from the surrounding farms or from the family's own farm is turned into the ham and bacon specialities that are typical for this region: air-dried and cured, with a mild, aromatic flavour. Delicious!

Martin Kohler
Farmer Martin Kohler

Yoghurt & curd cheese

Martin Kohler, Au
Martin and Frank Kohler process most of their own milk at their farm in Au-Schoppernau in the Bregenz Forest - to make exquisite yoghurt and curd cheese, without which our regional breakfast buffet would not be complete.

We look forward to meeting you!

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