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Pleasant massages and treatments at the Steffis-Spa

Pure relaxation for body, soul and all senses

Full-body, face, back, legs or head - massages are a great way to relax. Especially when your active and want to enjoy our ski-, sports- or mountain region with relaxed muscles and a free mind. Indulge your body and sould and look forward to your wellness massage in our welcoming SPA area at the Sprothotel Steffisalp.


Treatment in the Steffis SPA in Warth-Schröcken
Do your whole body some good in the Steffis-Spa

Herbal-Stamp Massage | approx. 50 min. | € 78,-

With warmed up herbal stamp and St. John's wort massage oil the whole body will be massaged in a relaxing way. A wonderful treatment when you are exhausted or suffer from sleeplessness.

Pine-Vital-Massage | approx. 50 min. | € 78,-

The warm pine sticks as well as the pine massage-milk have the ability of getting right into the centre of the muscle and improve the blood circulation of the whole body. Furthermore they ease up muscle tensions and the energy flow in the body.

"Salt on my skin" | approx. 50 min. | € 78,-

Wearing or applying salt stones has an intense, refreshing effect and relax the whole body and soul. After the treatment you can keep your salt stone.


Partial Massage | 25 min. | € 39,-
Full-Body Massage | 50 min. | € 69,-

Classical optionally with

Propolis massage milk with yarrow and vanilla
Has a calming effect on skin irritations. Gives strength to sensitive and stressed skin

Honey body oil
The wonderful all-natural skin care for sensitive skin. It gives a lot of moisture, has a calming end easing effect, is able to inhibit inflammations and it supports the wound healing.

Sporty optionally with

Arnica massage milk with rosmary and citronella
A cooling and regenerating massage, perfect after sporty activities. Relaxes muscles and joints.

Marmot oil and laurel leaf
It warmes up, eases and relaxes. The high content of unsaturated fatty acids and steroids offer a wide range of effects especially for highly stressed muscles and joints.

St. John's wort massage milk
The massage milk maintains the skin and supports the blood circulation after sporty activities. Nerves and muscles benifit from the calming ingredients of the St. John's wort.