Relaxing is this easy – massages & body treatments

Spoil yourself and put some time aside for your relaxation with an individual sport and wellness massage during your holiday in Arlberg. Our massage team is at your service and will be pleased to pamper you with their expertise, skills and selected care products.

Hot-Stone Massage in the spa hotel at the arlberg
Hot-Stone Massage in the Steffis SPA

The choice is yours

Whether it is a full body massage or just your face, back, legs or head – massages are a superb way to relax. This is especially true of those who enjoy participating in sports and want to make the very most of our skiing, sports and mountain region. Let yourself go and enjoy one of our wellness massages in the Steffisalp Sport Hotel.

Our massage offer

Full-body massage ca. 50 min. € 65.-

Part-body massage ca. 25 min. € 35.-

Foot reflex zone massage ca. 25 min. € 35.-

Lymph drainage ca. 25 min. € 35.- | ca. 50 min. € 65.-

Massage mix ca. 120 min. € 140.-

Our special massages

Aromatic massage ca. 50 min. € 70.-

Hot Stone massage ca. 50 min. € 85.-

Herb Sealing Massage ca. 50 min. € 98.-
Combination of massage and oil soaked sealed herbs

Cocoa massage part-body ca. 25 min. € 35.- | full body ca. 50 min. € 65.-

Pregnancy massage ca. 25 min. € 35.-

Chin Min Sport massage part-body ca. 25 min. € 45.- | full body ca. 50 min. € 78.-
Warming, stimulating, intensive, activating, vitalising and stimulates the blood supply. For guests who want to feel even more from a massage! The Chin Min Sport Massage is an intenstive massage which caters particularly to the needs of sport orientated guests. With the help of the Chin Min products the effect corresponds precisely with tense and cramped parts of the body. This combination of products with an experienced handiwork is simply unique.

Glacier Ice ca. 40 min. € 45.-
A soothing foot bath followed by a leg massage with Alpine arnica oil and then a refreshing foot massage using ice cubes.

Do you like our selection of massages? Simply tell us your spa wishes with your no-obligation enquiry or online booking!