Alpine Treatments

Feel-good massages: Pure relaxation

If full-body, face, back, legs or back – massages are a magnificent opportunity to relax. Especially when you are active and wish to enjoy the Vorarlberg mountain region with relaxed muscled and a clear head.

Classic partial or full-body massage with:

Almond oil

Stabilizes and tightens the tissue. The pure almond oil prevents light-induced skin aging due to the high vitamin E content and makes the skin velvety soft.

Argan oil

The moisturizing argan oil not only has an antibacterial effect, but also serves to protect and regenerate cells.

baobab oil

Has a very calming effect, especially on dry and stressed skin. It helps with blemishes, acne & inflammation.

Jojoba Rose Oil

It is best known for its ability to regenerate. An absolute treat for dry skin.

Moringa oil

Extreme deep care that serves to regenerate the skin. It has an antiseptic and antibacterial effect and is also often used for eczema, neurodermatitis and athlete’s foot. Moringa oil is also good for the scalp!

Sandalwood oil

One of the most acidic oils, which makes the skin soft and supple. It has a relaxing and stimulating effect at the same time and increases the ability to concentrate.

Special Alpine massages

Herbal stamp massage

The entire body is massaged with a heated herbal stamp and St. John’s wort massage oil. An excellent treatment for exhaustion, insomnia, or nervous conditions.

Stone pine vital massage

The warmth of the stone pine sticks and the stone pine massage milk penetrate deep into the muscle layer and improve blood circulation throughout the body, promote the flow of energy and relieve tension and blockages.

“Salt on my skin”

Placing or wearing salt stones on the skin and massages with salt stones have an intensive, invigorating effects and relax the body and mind simultaneously. You can keep the salt stone to take home.from the soothing active ingredients in St. John’s wort.

Face masks

Deep cleansing algae mask

This rich face mask with valuable algae extract and healing earth ensures youthful, pure and soft skin. Spirulina and Laminaria are rich in trace elements. Proteins, vitamins and minerals fight the first signs of skin aging. Ideal for mature skin with wrinkling and poor circulation. Deep cleansing effect on oily, large-pored and greasy skin.

Massages at the Hotel Steffisalp**** – Prices:

Partial body massages:

20 Min. | € 42,–

Full-body massages:

50 Min. | € 72,–

Special massages – prices & duration:

Herb pouch massage:

approx. 50 Min. | € 84,–

Pine vital massage:

approx. 50 Min. | € 84,–

“Salt on my skin”:

approx. 50 Min. | € 84,–

Face masks – prices & duration:

Spirulina mask:

approx. 40 Min. | € 42,–

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