Alpine Treatments

Feel-good massages: Pure relaxation

If full-body, face, back, legs or back – massages are a magnificent opportunity to relax. Especially when you are active and wish to enjoy the Vorarlberg mountain region with relaxed muscled and a clear head.

Classic partial or full-body massage with:

Propolis massage milk with yarrow and vanilla

Has a soothing effect on skin irritations. Nourishes sensitive and stressed skin.

Honey body oil

The purely natural skincare product for sensitive skin! Provides plenty of moisture, has a soothing and relaxing effect, can reduce swelling and promote wound healing.

Partial or full-body sports massage with:

Arnika massage milk with rosemary and citronella

A cooling and regenerative massage, perfect after athletic exertion. Relaxes muscles and joints.

Skincare oil with marmot oil and bay leaf

The skincare oil warms, loosens and relaxes. The high content of unsaturated fatty acids and steroids offers a broad spectrum of effects for highly stressed or painful muscles and joints.

St. John’s wort massage milk

The massage milk conditions the skin and stimulates circulation after athletic activities. Nerves and muscles benefit from the soothing active ingredients in St. John’s wort.

Special Alpine massages

Herbal stamp massage

The entire body is massaged with a heated herbal stamp and St. John’s wort massage oil. An excellent treatment for exhaustion, insomnia, or nervous conditions.

Swiss stone pine vitality massage

The warmth of the Swiss stone pine sticks and the Swiss stone pine massage milk work deep into the muscle layer, improve circulation throughout the entire body, promote the energy flow and ease tension and blockages.

“Salt on my skin”

Placing or wearing salt stones on the skin and massages with salt stones have an intensive, invigorating effects and relax the body and mind simultaneously. You can keep the salt stone to take home.from the soothing active ingredients in St. John’s wort.

Body wraps

Body pack repair

Marmot oil with yellow gentian and spelled The pack is lipid replenishing, cooling and relieves any sore muscles.

Body pack detoxification

Birch with juniper and spelled extract from young birch leaves and juniper have a deep cleansing effect, promote blood circulation and stimulate the detoxification processes in dry, impure, oily and sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. wort.

Body scrubs

Clarifying body peeling

Rock salt with Biopir and St. John’s wortNourishing and vitamin-rich extracts of milk, brewer’s yeast and St. John’s wort as well as valuable olive oil effectively stimulate the regeneration of the skin, hydrate and tighten the connective tissue.

Revital body peeling

Rock salt with mountain herbs and St. John’s wort The alpienne peeling has a cooling, regenerating and revitalizing effect after exercise.

Massages at the Hotel Steffisalp**** – Prices:

Partial body massages:

20 Min. | € 42,–

Full-body massages:

50 Min. | € 72,–

Special massages – prices & duration:

Herb pouch massage:

approx. 50 Min. | € 84,–

Pine vital massage:

approx. 50 Min. | € 84,–

“Salt on my skin”:

approx. 50 Min. | € 84,–

Alpienne Treatment “Detox”:

approx. 50 Min. | € 84,–

Body packs – prices & duration:

Repair body pack:

approx. 40 Min. | € 48,–

Body pack detoxification:

approx. 40 Min. | € 48,–

Body scrubs – prices & duration:

Clarifying body peeling:

approx. 40 Min. | € 48,–

Revital  body peeling:

approx. 40 Min. | € 48,–

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