From now on, each guest will find a “Suitepad” in his room or suite.

Suitepad. You may be wondering what that is? It’s our new, in-house tablet.

The Suitepads give our hotel guests access to menu cards, morning mail, guest information, folders, newspapers and magazines, the Internet and much more. Suitepad is, so to speak, a comprehensive guest information system.

In order to minimize contacts – or just to save you phone calls to reception or contact ways inside the hotel – you can now book various services and wellness appointments via the Suitepad and whilst enjoying the comfort of your room. This innovative tablet provides you with the latest information, the morning post and the menus for dinner every day and thus replaces the majority of the print versions, resulting in 65% savings on paper consumption in the hotel. A clear, further step towards sustainability and environmental protection.

Advantages of our Suitepads:

  • Comprehensive guest information system
  • all information about the hotel and the surrounding area at a glance
  • Direct booking of hotel services and wellness appointments
  • Daily updated menu cards and wine selection
  • Free access to over 400 newspapers and magazines
  • Browse in the hotel shop