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Lechweg trail in Vorarlberg

The river Lech – from the source to the fall

The river Lech is one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe. Discover the unique nature!

Hiking route in Warth-Schröcken
Hiking holidays on the Arlberg

The border-free Lechweg trail

The Lech wends its way from Vorarlberg via Tyrol all the way to Germany. It knows of no borders. This example also follows the Lechweg trail. It is exactly 125 km to the spring at the Formarinsee lake near Lech in Vorarlberg to the Lechfall waterfall in Füssen im Allgäu, Germany. The Lechweg trail walk connects three regions and two countries. From the Arlberg region via the Tyrolean Lechtal-Reutte natural park region, to the southern Allgäu. The regions, the people and the history continue to be shaped by the river Lech today.

The Lechweg trail - one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe

Along the 125 km certified long distance trail, the turquoise river reveals its secrets and shows you the flora and fauna it has influenced as well as its incomparable wildlife. From the biggest ibex colony in Europe to small and rare varieties of bird and wildly growing orchids: there is a lot to discover!

The Lech and Warth trail

The local bus and hiking bus takes you to the Formarinsee, near the source of the river Lech. Its time to tie the laces on your hiking boots and get going! The Lechweg trail starts at 1,793 m and takes you back to Lech am Arlberg, Vorarlberg. Above the small mountain village of Lech am Arlberg, the Lechweg trail continues on to Warth/Lechleiten. The certified long distance trail is especially exciting as it leads through a ravine landscape which has been shaped by the Lech, and you can see and hear the power of the turquoise water.

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