Family climbing in the Schröcken adventure park: 

Action and fun for young and old

The adventure park Schröcken in the Austrian Vorarlberg is a true paradise for adventure lovers and nature lovers alike. In addition to a variety of outdoor activities, the park also offers a great way to experience rock climbing as a family.

A playground for climbing-loving families

The Schröcken adventure park is known for its varied climbing routes, which are suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers. However, what makes the park special is the opportunity to enjoy climbing as a family. Here children and parents can experience the adventure of climbing together and explore their own limits.

Family climbing routes and rope course

The Schröcken Adventure Park offers a variety of routes and courses that are specially designed for families. These routes are usually well secured and offer a range of difficulty levels to ensure everyone in the family finds a suitable challenge. From easier routes for beginners to more demanding challenges for experienced climbers, there is something for everyone to discover.

safety first

In the Schröcken adventure park, safety comes first. All climbing routes must be accessed with safety equipment such as harnesses, helmets and ropes. Before the start, families receive a briefing on safety precautions and the correct use of equipment to make the climbing experience as safe as possible. Experienced guides are available to help with any questions or uncertainties.

A shared adventure in nature

Climbing in Schröcken Adventure Park allows families to spend time together, take on common challenges and create unforgettable memories amidst the breathtaking natural scenery of Vorarlberg. The shared experience of climbing not only strengthens family ties, but also promotes physical activity, trust and team spirit.

More activities in the Schröcken adventure park

Apart from climbing, the Schröcken adventure park offers many other activities for families. From flying fox to canyoning to high ropes courses, there is a multitude of adventures to be discovered. After climbing, families can also visit the cozy huts and restaurants in the park to regain strength and review the experiences they have had together.


Climbing in Schröcken Adventure Park is an exciting way to be active together as a family and enjoy the beauty of nature. With a variety of climbing routes and via ferratas, a strong emphasis on safety and an unforgettable adventure experience, the park is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the world of climbing as a family. Pack your gear and embark on a journey together full of fun, challenges and treasured memories.

Climbing park Schröcken

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