Leave your tracks in the untouched deep snow on the Arlberg. Heliskiing and heliboarding can only be found at one location in all of Austria; Ski Arlberg. You can choose between the challenging Mehlsack or the more relaxed Orgelscharte (Schneetäli) at 2,450 meters.

Heliskiing in the Ski Arlberg region

Ski Arlberg is renowned for its abundance of deep snow. It is one of the most beautiful back-country regions in the world. 200 kilometers of snowy descents await you. On the Arlberg, the home of Alpine skiing, you can experience the best of the best in terms of skiing: Heliskiing and heliboarding.

With officially certified ski and mountain guides, you will take to the skies in a helicopter to the Mehlsack (for good skiers) or to the Schneetäli on the Orgelscharte (for more experienced or very good skiers). Both mountains are fantastic during the depths of winter, when the snow is powdery, but they are also a real delight in spring when the powder has turned to firn. Heliskiing can only be booked via the ski schools and is only permitted under the supervision of officially certified ski and mountain guides. In suitable weather conditions, the flights take place from Monday to Friday only.

Heliskiing on the Arlberg – a dream come true

Imagine this: slopes with deep virgin snow, mountains as far as the eye can see and butterflies in your stomach. Early in the morning, when the air is still ice-cold, your certified ski instructor will teach you how to get on and off a helicopter safely. Shortly afterwards, the helicopter will land, much more loudly than you may have expected, and the rotor blades will kick up the snow all around you. You jump aboard and the helicopter takes off. The Arlberg below you will appear smaller and smaller, the snow will glisten and the horizon will seem endless.

You will land on the Mehlsack at an altitude of 2,652 meters. Then you will get off the helicopter before it flies away. Silence.

  • Winterurlaub in Vorarlberg, 4 Sterne Hotel Steffisalp
  • Adventtage in Warth am Arlberg

The skis you rented from the sport shop and ski rental facility at the Hotel Steffisalp**** are firmly affixed to your feet and you are just now noticing the butterflies in your stomach. Could it get any better than this? Just wait until you are leaving your tracks in the deep powdery snow.

Heliskiing on the Arlberg – fulfill your dream!